Modular simulators for performing various complex techniques.


Modular simulators for performing various complex techniques, such as laser thermal ablation of varicose veins, complete PICC and Midline techniques, aortic femoral catheter cannulation. Angioplasty and stenting of peripheral arteries.

Intra-aortic balloon placement. With capacity for recirculation of simulated blood.

These simulators are characterised by the fact that they consist of two modules. One of them is replaceable and is used to practice the Seldinger technique, while the other module remains unchanged during the practice sessions.

Featured Models


Simulator for PICC and Midline Techniques

Anatomical medical training simulator for ultrasound guidance, consisting of two modules. The catheter insertion module is echorefringent for punctures. It has three tubeless vessels, which connect to the three tubeless veins of the visualisation module. The gelatine itself gives shape to the pathway, for the performance of vascular access practices using PICC.

Practices to be performed

  • Peripherally inserted central venous catheterisation.
  • Handling of the PICC and Midline technique.


Field Separator Pads

Synthetic gel field separator pads for ultrasound. Reusable for use in areas of the body that are difficult to access and close to the field, replaces gels. It adapts to the area to be studied, recovering its shape once removed. It can be disinfected and cleaned with alcohol, bleach diluted in water or soap and water.

Practices to be carried out

  • To facilitate the visualisation in the ultrasound scanner
Recurso 21@2x


Intramuscular injection simulator

Anatomical simulator for basic medical training for the practice of intramuscular injections. The simulator has a large storage capacity of 200 cm³ of injected liquid. Once the simulator is saturated with liquid, its contents can be emptied by means of a valve incorporated in the simulator, which allows a large number of practices to be carried out.

Practices to be carried out

  • Practising injections in the appropriate regions.

  • Handling the correct angle of insertion.

As Real As The Human Body

Thanks to our BIOTME Gel, the ultrasound image of our simulators is hyper-realistic, offering an unparalleled sensation and training.

Everything You Need

Most of our simulators include:

  • Carrying case
  • Ultrasound guidance gel
  • Blood simulant
  • Accessory box
  • Stand



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