Simulador Ecográfico Anatómico para Amniocentesis Entrenador médico SAEN ATECU

New medical simulation kit for amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling technique. The simulation provides a hyper-realistic experience, replicating the sensation of tissue tension and the passage through various structures with the needle, simulating a situation almost identical to when performing amniocentesis on a pregnant woman.


Simulador de ecografía

For the execution of the Seldinger and Midline techniques with two veins without a tube, the gel itself shapes the pathway, along with an extension to perform the complete procedure. Loaded with simulated blood, it allows for fluid extraction and injection. Compact and not prone to degradation over time, ensuring no volume loss. Equipped with dual luer-lock outlets with caps. Pathway diameters range from 8 to 10 mm, positioned 25 mm from the simulator’s surface.

Practices to be carried out:

  • Intravenous cannulation.
  • Blood sample collection.
  • Ultrasound-guided puncture.
  • Catheter placement.


With our BIOTME® gel, with excellent echogenic and haptic properties, we offer continuous innovation through our various lines of development of physical medical training simulators.


Made from our in-house developed, sustainable, synthetic gel.


Our unique approach is based on ongoing collaboration.


We have several development lines supported by different types of research.

What they think of us

VICENTE MARTÍNEZ Clinical Simulation Technician

BIOTME is made up of a team of people where we have been able to experience the commitment, close attention and proactivity in the work they carry out. Their products stand out for their efficient design, careful presentation and quality, as well as an easy and intuitive handling of the elements that compose it.

ALFONSO HIGUERAS LARA. MD PHD Medical director al SITFAV & Digital health transformation consultant

By means of products of exquisite quality, they make it possible to simulate different healthcare experiences, giving the learning of healthcare techniques a vision that is very close to reality. The durability and innovation of its materials is its hallmark, guaranteeing customised products for teaching and product presentations that wish to stand out experientially.

EDUARDO ALCARAZ MATEOS, MD PhD Surgical Pathologist & Cytopathologist. Simulation-FioNA inventor

IInvolvement, professionalism and fantastic response times - what more could you ask for? A pleasure to collaborate with Jacinto and his team in the development of tools for medical simulation.

ANTONIO LANZAS CARMONA TSID Sonographer - Author of the book Eco Fácil published by Marbán and creator of

It is always tremendously enriching to work with BIOTME products. I have greatly improved the quality of the ultrasound thanks to their Gel pads. National quality and a close and friendly service. I love them.

DIEGO CARMONA FERNANDEZ Dr. Industrial Engineer and Deputy Director of Academic Planning and Innovation of the EII

BIOTME is a clear example of how university-industry collaboration should be, working together to make possible a real and effective transfer to society, putting research at the service of people, to improve their lives and their lives.

JESÚS CORBACHO REDONDO Medical expert in 3D Technology

I have learned about the development and have been able to test some of their products. A qualitative leap in medical and surgical training and simulation.

PEDRO MIRANDA Professor of the University of Extremadura

The BIOTME team is at the forefront of international innovation in medical training simulators. It is a privilege to collaborate with them in the development of more anatomically accurate 3D printed models.

JOSÉ ANDRÉS GARCÍA MARTÍNEZ Nurse and lecturer in the nursing degree

The tissue-like characteristics of BIOTME vascular access phantoms in terms of colour, feel and resistance, together with their excellent durability, mean that they are considered by teachers and students at the Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia (UCAM) to be a key and essential tool for learning and training ultrasound skills, as well as for the simulation of different ultrasound-guided vascular procedures.

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