At BIOTME, our unique approach is underpinned by continuous collaboration with experts in Medicine, Engineering and Technology. We believe in the synergy of brilliant minds working together to push the boundaries of medical simulation. By partnering with professionals from diverse disciplines, we capture the essence of real medical practice and design simulators that accurately reflect the complexity of clinical scenarios.

Recognising the diversity of requirements in the medical sector, we strive to customise each simulator to the particular needs of our customers. Whether it is infiltration techniques, pathologies or other specifications, our designs are tailored to ensure accurate and effective medical training. At BIOTME, customisation and innovation are at the heart of our mission to drive excellence in medical simulation.


Emotional Ultrasound Simulator.

The purpose of performing an ultrasound scan on a pregnant woman is to explore and learn about the neurophysiological development of the foetus and to detect any pathology. However, showing the parents the baby from 20-25 weeks of gestation is increasingly in demand. Hence the boom in 3D ultrasound scans for non-medical purposes.

Prostate Anatomical Simulator for Ultrasound-Guided Tissue Sampling.

Anatomical simulator for prostate examination and sampling by core needle biopsy (BAG). With set of different prostate glands with different pathologies. Guided by transrectal endocavitary ultrasound probe.

Simulator for infiltrations by anatomical references.

Shoulder simulator for infiltrations by anatomical references with acoustic indication of deviation or correctness of the area to be infiltrated.

Simulator for subcutaneous and intradermal injections.

Simulator for this type of injections with accumulation of liquid and its evacuation. It will allow the use of the different techniques for the practice of this type of injections. It will also allow children to be taught how to administer insulin.

Simulator for Endoscopic Brain and Intraventricular Endoscopic Surgery

Simulator for the performance of intraventricular endoscopy and its surrounding structures for the surgical treatment of pathologies related to the cerebrospinal fluid.

Simulator for the detection of cardiac pathologies by auscultation in primary Care

Simulator for the detection of cardiac pathologies by auscultation, with sound reproduction of different types of murmurs generated by pressure in a haptic waistcoat.

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