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At BIOTECH MEDICAL SIMULATION we improve patient safety by enabling the training of healthcare professionals in technical skills and complex diagnostic and interventional techniques:

We offer safety in their daily work to healthcare professionals throughout their professional career by providing them with tools to practice in safe environments.

We reduce patient recovery times, thus avoiding risks of complications and suffering.

We optimise diagnostic services and intervention times, saving costs for healthcare systems.

At BIOTECH MEDICAL SIMULATION we focus our activity on the development and manufacture of anatomical simulators for medical training, offering various ranges and models that are available to the market, including endovascular simulators, cancer detection simulators, anaesthesia simulators and clinical skills simulators. We develop models manufactured on demand according to the needs of health professionals. We cater to the requirements of each of our customers, because we know that each one of them is unique, so our simulators are unique too.

We offer more complex simulators designed for specific and innovative practices, because thanks to our capacity and short production time, we can guarantee the manufacture of a personalised, innovative and effective medical simulator in record time. In this way, and thanks to the great reliability of our products, the medical professional can acquire the necessary skills and abilities to attend to the patient with a greater guarantee of success.


In our company, we believe that new hybrid education-research models are necessary to lead the change that society demands, which is why the BIOTME model was created, in which training, research and development go hand in hand. In this way, we combine business with university, participating in innovation projects with different research groups and promoting the training of young people from before they finish their studies. We also collaborate with hospitals and pharmaceutical companies that present us with their needs. For BIOTME, patient safety is a priority, which is why we work together with different institutions to make a difference in the education of the future.

We save lives… can you help us?


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