Special simulators that recreate, according to their function, the part of the body to which they refer in a reliable manner.


Special simulators that recreate, according to their function, the part of the body to which they refer in a reliable manner. Among these models are the anatomical breast simulator with biopsiable nodules and cysts, and the intramuscular injection simulator.

Featured Models


Breast simulator with pathologies

Realistic anatomical medical training simulator for localisation and assessment of nodules embedded in the trainer, using ultrasound and radiological techniques. Contains 5 nodules of different nature and sizes. Compact, does not degrade over time, does not lose volume. The use of needles >G21 is recommended.

Practices to be performed

  • Detection of nodules of three different types Approach for cyst fluid extraction



Anatomical medical training simulator for the practice of intramuscular injections. The trainer has a large storage capacity of 400 cm³ of injected liquid. Once the simulator is saturated with liquid, its contents can be emptied by means of a valve incorporated in the simulator, which allows for a large number of practices. It allows needles up to 40 mm. in length, G21 maximum recommended. Manufactured with a BIOTME development gel (GLB) that simulates human tissues. Its interior is made of absorbent material. Compact, it does not degrade over time and does not lose volume.

Practices to be carried out

  • Practice injections in the appropriate regions.
  • Handling the correct angle of insertion.
  • Evacuation of the injected liquid by means of a valve after multiple practices.


Amniocentesis and chorionic villus simulation kit

Development of a simulation kit for amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling in collaboration with Dr. Ana Cubo Nava. With the aim of learning the amniocentesis technique, we present a model that is easy to build and can be disassembled. Our simulator comes with a sample of synthetic tissue made with BIOTME gel and other components that provide a texture and ultrasound echogenicity almost identical to that of human tissue.

Practices to be performed

  • Amniocentesis with foetuses in different stages of growth. Obtaining chorionic villi.
Simulador de ecografía

As Real As The Human Body

Thanks to our BIOTME Gel, the ultrasound image of our simulators is hyper-realistic, offering an unparalleled sensation and training.

Everything You Need

  • Female pelvis with pneumatic pump and specimen container.
  • Two membranes simulating skin
  • Echogenic muscle layers and uterine layer.
  • Ten amniotic sacs, to be filled with water.
  • Two foetuses, one at 12 weeks and one at 15 weeks.
  • Placenta simile.
  • Rubric and control curve and learning evolution, with this tool we will be able to control our level of competence in the acquisition of the technique.
  • Rúbrica y curva de control y evolución de aprendizaje,con esta herramienta podremos tener control de nuestro grado competencial en la adquisición de la técnica.
  • Carrying case.




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