The newspaper HOY echoes the technology and trajectory of BIOTME.

«In a few days it will be four years since Jacinto Salas Cortés, Cristina Salas and Alberto Moreno Becerro decided to complicate their lives when trying to start a new business adventure, so unusual that there are even those who are surprised that this project is not in Madrid or in Barcelona but in Zafra «. Thus begins the extraordinary report that they have made us from the HOY newspaper.


Echoing the trajectory and work of BIOTME, they add: «Dedicated to applying technology to the healthcare field, the first thing they developed was a synthetic gelatin that simulates human tissues. Shortly afterwards they managed to make this material ecorefringent […] Later, in a new twist on innovation, they achieved that gelatin was recognized in diagnostic tests as common as CT scans or radiological (x-rays). In this way, when placing the ultrasound or tomograph or similar on the simulator, the result is very similar to if it were put on the human body «

From BIOTME we want to thank you for the interest in our technology and products. We are proud to be part of this network of technology startups that seek the development and advancement of the region.

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