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BIOTME SL, is an Extremadura technology-based start-up that develops and manufactures, with its own synthetic gelatine, anatomical medical training simulators intended for health workers to acquire, repeatedly practicing on them the skills necessary to serve your patients with more guarantees of success.

Simulador médico

Benefits of medical simulators for the learning and training of healthcare personnel.

There is an increasing amount of data that supports the benefits of simulation to learn to diagnose and perform advanced medical procedures necessary for medical personnel, prior to the treatment of their patients. Thanks to these simulations, safety is promoted and the possibility of errors or complications in medical procedures is reduced. BIOTME with its advanced simulators is helping to achieve these objectives.

Anyone who goes to the doctor for assistance wants to be treated by someone with experience, solvent and self-confidence.
That is why I wonder how health personnel acquire those skills that are complementary to the academic ones and remain up to date in their specialty?

Medical simulators to acquire skills and reduce risks.

At Biotme, with our simulators we are promoting and facilitating that medical personnel, whether students or experienced, who face new medical procedures, acquire those skills that society demands of them more and more vehemently.

On the other hand, there is also the circumstance that multinational developers of complex medical equipment, especially those focused on minimally invasive interventions, often find that they do not have what is necessary to demonstrate the qualities of their products, nor can they train doctors in these new techniques. At BIOTME we collaborate with some of them to offer the best possible service for health.

Our anatomical simulators allow you to practice repeatedly in artificial environments with a high similarity to reality. This allows us to study a multitude of complex medical procedures, and also, to introduce injuries that we estimate, allowing us to diagnose them to assess and even treat them.

The material of our simulators is a synthetic gelatine of our own manufacture.

At Biotme we manufacture our simulators with our own synthetic gelatine that, with specific additives, simulates any tissue of the human body. Thanks to its ecorefringeration, and its great radiological and tomographic response, we achieve results similar to the real ones. Clinicians can practice on them until they are familiar with a specific technique and feel confident in approaching an intervention on a real patient.

Biotme is the only European company that has a material with these characteristics, of which we are especially proud.

We have a wide range of simulators, to carry out practices in different specialties: anesthesia, endovascular, trauma, for aesthetic procedures … and we continue to expand our portfolio, always meeting the demands of health professionals. The flexibility of our company allows us to develop ha doc simulators for specific equipment from any manufacturer.

Simulador anatómico

Our medical simulators allow us to repeatedly perform practices without the need for demanding environmental conditions, the feeling of doing the practices with people, the possibility of using different techniques on the same simulator, which allows, depending on the model, hundreds of practices.

Step Innovation is the only Spanish company that manufactures this type of simulators to train health workers both in the usual techniques of their daily work, as well as in cutting-edge techniques. In short, we are contributing directly to improving the health system and increasing the feeling of security and confidence every time a person goes to the doctor.