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Step Innovation S.L. is a technology-based company that has been operating since its inception in Extremadura.

Our core is the generation of ideas for products or services that can be developed, validated, manufactured and brought to market in short periods of time. Betting on the necessary interdisciplinarity of different professionals, we decided to focus on the health sector, to which we dedicate all our efforts, collaborating with Institutions and individuals to advance in the knowledge of the needs of health professionals, in short, the Company itself, in order to meet these needs efficiently and sustainably.

The coordination of the work teams both internally and externally allows us to work with an agile methodology to offer solutions, test them, and receive the necessary feedback from the different sectors affected by our activity, improve them so that they can be offered in short times to the market.

The result of this methodology and the contact with the sectors involved, allows us to incorporate improvements to our developments and the generation of new ones in a cycle of continuous improvement.

With our developments, healthcare personnel will be able to specialize in the specific technique in which they are most interested, because we have the ability to adapt our products to their specific needs.