Training models for catheterism and punctions


The simulation of medical activities should be considered throughout the career of any person in the health field, at the surgical level, anesthesia, laparoscopic training, etc. The virtues and benefits of practicing with simulators to take the necessary skills that give security to the medical professional at the time of performing their work is not lost on anyone.

BIOTME® offers a wide range of simulators for training for anesthesiology, for different punctures, catheterizations, etc.

The material we use for the manufacture of our trainers is developed by Biotme®. For this reason we are able to simulate any tissue of the human body in a reliable way, being able to perform on the training models operations specific to the interventions for which they have been designed.

We give them anatomical form, being able to perform the tasks of the intervention in the real position in which they are performed on patients.



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The coaches that we offer in different formats are the following:


Training models for central track cannulation ultrasound aided.

Peripheral cannulation training models ultrasound aided.

Training models of venous catheterization of peripheral insertion ultrasound aided..

Anatomical training models for epidural techniques.

Training models for anesthesia techniques, ultrasound aided.

– Training models for nerve block techniques.

– Training models of complex anatomical structures such as lumbar, cervical, hip, etc.

– Training models for Doppler techniques. For this we have developed a peristaltic pump that simulates the beating of the heart, with the possibility of selecting different parameters of the heart.