Saem M Range


Medium-size simulators that allow ultrasound-guided vascular punctures, vascular catheterization, and techniques under radiological and CT control to be carried out.

Vascular elements are designed and manufactured according to the needs of the user. They are manufactured with a gel of our own development, BIOTME®, based on mineral oil, which is rot-proof. The vascular system does NOT have any type of silicone, latex or other material, the gel itself forms the pathway that is channeled to the outside, usually adapting a luer-lock connection. This means that when the simulator is pressed with the hand or the head of an ultrasound scanner, it collapses, returning to its initial shape when the pressure is released. They incorporate a BIOTME evolved blood that has a Hounsfield unit similar to human blood.

Its versatility and the possibility of being able to configure its parameters, such as height and diameter of veins, arteries, makes it a novel product in the practice of medical simulation. Models with veins and arteries can be recharged and connected to auxiliary equipment using LUER-LOCK connections.

Depending on the use that is given and recommending not to use needles with gauges greater than 18G, up to 1,000 punctures can be performed, depending on the model. In these conditions, the punctures do not leave a trace.