Saem L Range


These larger simulators allow practice to acquire skills in ultrasound-guided vascular punctures, vascular catheterization, ECMO and REBOA, and also incorporate lesions (thrombosis, atheromas, extrinsic compression, etc.), for a better understanding and performance of the techniques used in this type of pathology.

They are manufactured with a gel of our own development, BIOTME®, based on mineral oil, which is rot-proof. Depending on the technique to be practiced, the vascular system carries, or not, a silicone duct, when the gel itself does not need to carry it, it forms the pathway that is channeled to the outside, usually adapting a luer-lock connection. The latter means that when the simulator is pressed with the hand or the head of an ultrasound machine, it collapses, returning to its initial shape when the pressure is released. They incorporate a BIOTME evolved blood that has a Hounsfield unit similar to human blood.