Saem A Range


These simulators are anatomically shaped and allow techniques to be practiced from a more realistic point of view in cardiology and endovascular surgery, varicose vein treatment and interventional radiology.
Specifically, simulations can be carried out in:

• Cardiology and vascular surgery:
– Coronary stents.
– Coronary balloon catheter.
– Balloon catheters for valvuloplasty.
– Intra-aortic balloon catheters.
– Transvenous provisional endocavitary pacemaker.
– Embolectomy catheters.
– Ecmo.
– Reboa.

• Varicose veins treatment:
– Endolaser.
– Flebogrif.
– Clarivein.
– Radiofrequency

• Radiology:
– Peripheral stents.
– Peripheral balloon catheters.
– Carotid stent.
– Distal neuroprotection and brain aneurysm embolization.
– Placement of coils.
– Vena cava filter