Rinforced thermomollable splints


Our reinforced thermomollable splints are made out of a composition of low temperature maleable thermoplastic andinner fibers that gives resistance to the structure.

The splints from BIOTME, have the advantages of the plaster but also the ones from the 3D printed ones, although, the costs needed to print a splint out of nothing are very high, as well as the maintenance costs and the fact that a printed splint of any size takes hours to finish, so they can not be used in emergency situations.

The splints from BIOTME can be set and locked in few minutes and are pretty affordable.

The mechanic stiffness aquired by the splint once locked makes it unable to move the injured part, while being able to have the advantages of the printed ones (able to wash, light, biofriendly, etc).

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Any kind of device that can make the splints temperatura grow to 60ºC (140ºF) are able to adapt the splint to the infured part of the body, making it user friendly for almost anyone.

The splints are sold in many formats:

– To solve specific ailments in the most suitable way to the patient body size and morphology.

– To solve specific ailments with a form of the splint already aquired.

– Squared plates to be cut by a CNC cutter, guided by a file taken out of a scan of the patients injure.

– Plates to be customizable to the patient needing only heated scissors.

Each of the formats have its own advantages, but almost everyone can be used in an emergency situation, with limited tolos and customizable to the injured that is being treated.