BIOTME has different lines of research and development:

Proyect GLB biotme®

It’s a non-water based gel, made with copolymers, mineral oil and some additives. Under certain processes this gel presents the next propoerties; it does not rot nor dry and its hardness can be manipulated depending on its composition. With this gel we are developing some medical training models for ecography tests, with very good results. It has also been added some materials in different concentrations to manipulate the acustic impedance of the gel, so it can simulate for the ultrasound machine all kind of body tissues, (adipose tissue, muscular, osseus,…).

With this material, we have developed some main blood vessels cannulation trainers (ultrasound aided), periferic blood vessels cannulation trainers (ultrasound aided), periferic venous catheterization (PICC, ultrasound aided), and more complex anatomic models, like cervical and lumbar recreations, destined to anhestesic training (ultrasound aided).

This models have been displayed in a certain composition in order to allow the next interventions:

Being sutured

With endoscopic or traditional sutures, among other options.

Create complex anatomic models such as:

· Digestive system (esophagus, stomach and intestine) for endoscopic intervention. This models can also present different kind of pathologies so it can be diagnosed and treated through endoscopic techniques.


· The stomach also is prepared so it can be used for stomach-reduction interventions, such as the introduction of a gastric balloon, and the Apollo endosurgery method. In this last case the stomach is provided with a system of different capes simulating the real tissues of the stomach walls.

The line of development is still ongoing so we can offer new products and services.

While working with the GLB biotme® it has been discovered another posible use, the fabrication of see-through BALLISTIC BLOCKS, for fire gun tests, also being able to embody some kind of anatomic structure to simulate posible damage due to fire guns.

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Proyect SPLINT biotme®

This project develops a composition of low-temperature manipulable thermoplastics capes and some synthetic fibers to give mecanical enduracement.

The most developed product on this line of work are the manufacturing of user-friendly splints, with a mechanical resistance far greater than the current splints.

They are being designed based on size and ailment, so it adapts perfectly to the patient needs. We aim to achieve a waiting time of 15 min, from the scan of the injured part to the placement of the splint.


This is a very newfangled project, due to the fact that the thecnology that can print an operative biocompatible 3D matrix, with different amounts of morphogens, does not exist. This would be like printing with a tranparent material and a certain sequence of different pigments, making a coloured 3D print. We are actually in the process of development of the prototype of this 3D printer, consisting in a main extruder, in charge of putting down the base material or bio-ink in a certain 3D structure.

The main extruder is connected to a microfluidic circuit with different “channels” that control the amount of morphogens, each cannel will be connected to the main extruder thaks t a mixing device.

This thecnology will be able to print an structure that at first glance will be homogeneus, but it will have different amounts of morphogens inside.

This project is financed by the EU, through Junta de Extremadura.

We keep researching with the purpose of developing new materials for medical technics so it can improve in the fields of mínimum invasión interventions, dynamic trainers, etc.