Customizable under demand training prototypes


The prototypes from BIOTME® are meant for the health profesionals that can ask for them to be customizabled, without it affecting the price. For example we can change the number of tubes, the diameter, the location and the setup that suits the customer needs, without affecting the period of delivery. The same way we can customize the size of the high part of the digestive system, so it can adapt to the age of different people, as well as the color of the training model so the inner structure can be easily visualiced.

The suture training models can be given different thickness to any of the capes that compose it, we can even change the outter texture so it can simulate the human skin, and also insert illneses, burn marks, scars, etc.

Our method allow us to design and manufacture any kind of training models, given the proper prescriptions to achieve the final goal of the model. We study any possibility at our reach.

Mini ultrasound trainer for singular bone fractures

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