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Improve health care for people by promoting and accelerating the learning of health workers so that their diagnoses and interventions have more guarantees of success.


We want to be leaders in the innovation and development of equipment that helps health professionals to acquire skills and abilities in diagnostic and interventional techniques with the anatomical medical training simulators that we offer to the market.

Core Values


At BIOTME we make sure to respect our entire team, we consider that each worker plays a special and important role within our organization and we value that.


We are a company that adapts not only to the needs of the market but to the demands of our clients, for this we have a staff of specialists willing to provide tailor-made solutions.


We are committed to contributing to society through our products as we improve patient care and increase the success of health professionals.


We are aware that to grow we must first be efficient, constant and competitive in everything we do, that is why our team is highly qualified to generate value in all our products and services.


We are a company that loves technology and we always seek to innovate by following and applying the latest trends in the sector.


BIOTME S.L., which develops products for the healthcare sector, was created in mid-2016. The exposition of the ideas that each one of the founders brought, the improvements of those ideas due to the contributions of the others and the generation of new ones led to the creation of the company in mid-2.017 under the name of Step Innovation S.L.

We opted to focus our resources on the development of equipment for the training and learning of health professionals in ultrasound techniques and in the field of medical immobilization, and also looking for other cross-cutting applications to our research.

We began to develop and materialize, with our own funds, a synthetic gelatine that simulates human tissues. At the end of 2018 we managed to make the gel ecorefringerating, and in 2020 it responded to computed tomography (CT) and radiological (X-ray) techniques. The BIOTME® brand is born.

In 2019 we focused on the development and manufacture of anatomical simulators for medical training, which we call SAEM. our first PMV was a basic two-way simulator for ultrasound-guided punctures and cannulations.

During 2019 we developed and improved different types of SAEM, mainly for the vascular medical specialty, putting products on the market at the end of that year. The year 2020 has been a very important advance in the development of simulators, to which we introduce injuries, many of them focused on cutting-edge interventional techniques. 

In 2020 and despite the pandemic, we began our internationalization, entering foreign markets for the commercialization of the different ranges of SAEM simulators.


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BIOTME S.L. is a technology-based company that has been operating since its inception in Extremadura. Our core is the generation of product ideas that can be developed, validated, manufactured and brought to market in short periods of time. We focus on the SANITARY sector, to which we dedicate all our efforts, collaborating with Institutions and individuals to advance in the knowledge of the needs of health professionals in an efficient and sustainable way to offer them solutions.

We want to be leaders in offering tools to doctors so that they can practice and learn new diagnostic and interventional techniques, and offer non-invasive equipment to the market to facilitate their daily work with their patients. Additionally, we aspire to be protagonists, through research and development, of advances in different medical techniques at an international level.