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We are a multidisciplinary team eager to improve the health care of the people. For this purpose we are developing some innovating ideas in the body immobilization field and the equipment for profesional medical training field.


We aim to be the top-developers on body immobilization systems and medical trainers. We also aim to play an important role in the thecnological research and development of new medical and surgical thecniques to an international level.



At BIOTME we make sure that our team is being respected, we consider that every worker make an important part in the developing process and we make sure to value and appreciate that.


We are a company that can adpat to the needs of the market and to our own clients demands, for that purpose our staff is filled with specialists capable of bringing a solution fit to the request given.


We compromise to help the society through our products, meant to improve the health care of the patients and give a better formation for the medicine professionals.


We are aware that for a proper growth in any field, we must be efficients, constants and competitives in everything we do, that is why our staff is highly qualified to keep the quality of our products.


We are a company that loves thecnology, we are ever looking for new innovations and always follow the last trends in the field.

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Our origin is no different from the concept and foundation of the company Step Innovation s.l. which manufacture and develop products and services for the health sector with the comercial name BIOTME®, this company was born along the year 2016 by a group of 3 people with different lines of expertise and same concerns. A process engineer, a product development engineer and a surgeon. We started the idea of a collaboration between medicine and engineering. The knowledge about medicine of the engineers and about engineering of the surgeon were not relevant.

The continue update of each others ideas, the upgrades proposed by the other members and the creation of new ideas made major progress in the project, so through 2017 the company Step Innovation S.L. started its lines of development and research in the Cientific Thecnological Park from Badajoz, while the administrative procedure was being held from Zafra (Badajoz).

The first lines of research were oriented to the use of a printed battery as a renewal energy source, a bio-printer and the development of an aortic prosthetic doped with graphene.

The battery and the prosthetic projects were put aside for financial issues and also because there were more interdisciplinarity between medicine and engineering in the fields of training the new doctors and the body lock splints.

We started financing and developing by ourselves the structure of the reinforced splint and the GLB gel from biotme®.

By the end of 2018 we had both products in a pretty decent stage of development, with the splint being prepared to lock any ailments at the wrist or forearm and the GLB being used in medical trainers for puncture, injections and nerve blocking ultrasound-aided, we decided to expand our activity to the manufacture.

After the adding of new people, we finally take the step to the manufacture of our products at an industrial level. We moved the manufacture, development and administration to an industrial emplacement so our products can get a new level of development and the process of reasearch and manufacture can get even faster, avoiding the need of third parties taking care of some main activities of our process.
We give a special thanks to the people and institutions that gave us their support through the tecnical and financial troubles and allow us to start up this company, and this is only the beginning.


Step Innovation S.L. is a company of technological foundation that carries its activity from Extremadura. Our goa lis the creation of new products and services that can be developed, manufactured and sold in short periods of time. We bet for the interdisciplinarity between various kinds of profesionals, focusing by the moment on the health, sector while collaborating with Institutions and private entities to make progress in our knowledge about the needs of the health profesionals, and how to cover them in the most efficient way.

The coordination between teamworks in an internal and external level makes us able to work with a fast method to offer solutions, test them and get the proper feedback from the different sector of our line of work, so we can upgrade them and sort them out to the market in a short period of time. The upgrade proposed by some of our sector and the development of the products of the rest makes a circle of perpetual upgrade of our work.

With our products and services the health profesionals can specialize in whichever tecnic they are more interested in, due to our capability of adapting our products to specific needs.